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19.03 - growing USD is pushing on the markets



Oh, boy! Every day the situation is getting worse and worse. We are hoping that it is going to improve and every day we get extremely disappointed with the markets and with the numbers that we see. And today is not that day. Still. We are still playing with fire by staying on trading as the markets plummet lower and lower.


The only real winner today is USD. American currency has been growing non-stop with just several minor retracements since March 9. And that became a problem for all of the other currencies. With USD growing, there is no rom left for other to grow. And surely, even JPY cannot move upwards right now. Safe haven status doesn’t help. Investors want to only support the greenback.


As a result USD chart is flying high as well as all of the USD-led couples. But if we keep on supporting the American currency, what is going to happen to all of the other currencies? Euro and pound are already at the lowest points yesterday euro hit the lowest point since December 2002 and pound is at the lowest price against the greenback EVER right now.


Yes, that is the magnitude of influence of the growing USD. And it is not the only fallout from it. Gold and precious metals are also declining. Traders are turning away from the stock market which results in tremendous losses in the segment. TSLA is losing all of the price it has gained through it climb that started in December. AAPL is declining as well.


Just as we are saying every day – the situation s getting more and more dire.


Here are the major shifts for today:


Topix added 1 percent.

Kospi decreased 8.4 percent.

Shanghai Composite dropped 1 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong decreased 1.7 percent.

S&P 500 futures shed 0.7 percent.

Euro dropped 1.2 percent - $1.0877.

Pound dropped 4.3 percent - $1.1545.

Yen decreased 1.8 percent – 109.12 per dollar.

Canadian dollar lost 2.35 percent - $1.4576.

Tesla decreased 16 percent - $361.22.

Apple declined 2.45 percent - $246.67.

Facebook dropped 1.65 percent – $146.96.

Amazon increased 1.2 percent – $1830 per share.

Google is by 2.4 percent lighter - $1091.19.

WTI recovered 1.6 percent - $22.68 per barrel.

Brent lost 12.15 percent - $25.3 per barrel.

Gold dropped 0.4 percent - $1481.66 per ounce.

Silver was flat - $11.97 per ounce.

Platinum decreased 1.7 percent – $608.

Palladium dropped 0.6 percent - $1586.95 per ounce.