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13.03 - will the markets ever stabilize again?



“Global stock markets crashed on Friday, ending a years-long bull run, with coronavirus panic selling hitting almost every asset class and leaving investors nowhere to hide” writes Reiters. According to the resource ”Half a trillion dollars in liquidity from the U.S. Federal Reserve and the promise of more were not enough to calm the fear that has wiped some $14 trillion from world stocks in a month.” What does that mean? Well. It means that traders and investors are living in hope that stimuli are going to safe the day. But is that so?


Well, it might not help after all. Too much of assets are falling down. we can see losses not only in the stock market but in precious metals, oil and currencies as well. People around the world are selling whatever can bring losses and in our case it is pretty much everything. So, we have to be extra careful today. Trading is not that easy at the moment.


Was it ever easy though? 2020 so far turns out to be a pretty bad year to be a trader. First USA and South Korea almost started a WW3, then there was impeachment fiasco. After that we started seeing the first cases if the virus and here we are. Boy. I hope that satiation improves and we can finally trade with stable and growing markets once again.


Here are the numbers for the last day of the week:


Topix lost 3.8 percent.

Kospi decreased 3.35 percent.

Shanghai Composite dropped 0.8 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong declined 1.7 percent.

S&P 500 futures added 2.1 percent.

Euro declined 0.8 percent - $1.1209.

Pound lost 2 percent - $1.2557.

Yen dropped 1.9 percent – 105.79 per dollar.

Canadian dollar lost 0.7 percent - $1.3876.

Tesla decreased 11.6 percent - $560.55.

Apple declined 9.9 percent - $248.23.

Facebook lost 9.3 percent – $154.57.

Amazon dropped 7.9 percent – $1676.61 per share.

Google is lower by 8.2 percent - $1111.55.

WTI recovered 4.1 percent - $32.19 per barrel.

Brent added 3.3 percent - $33.77 per barrel.

Gold advanced 0.1 percent - $1577.62 per ounce.

Silver shed 0.6 percent - $15.73 per ounce.

Platinum grew 4.7 percent – $797.04.

Palladium advanced 4.2 percent - $1910 per ounce.