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6.03 - USD slids amidst coronavirus spread



Today is a dark day in the history of trading. What is really sad is that we have been having a lot of those recently. The thing is that we are never going to get used to it. no matter how often we are going to seeWall Street plunging down, it is not going to be a usual view for us.


Yes, that is exactly what happened. US stocks fell in the last trading session along with shares of banks and travel companies. All due to the new wave of coronavirus spreading. The fall is coming right in the middle of a rally that was powered by the Super Tuesday, where several states were voting for the presidential candidate from Democratic party.


But Wall Street is not the only one that is taking a fall. Al of the major indices across all markets are falling today. Asia tumbled pretty hard. Indices across the globe are slowing and sliding. Even the US dollar is losing points, which is not something that we expected to see. After all, we thought that its safe haven status was going to protect it from the tumble, but it seems that yen is stronger.


By the way, Japanese currency had one of the biggest jumps in the recent history. Seems that we truly are only in the very beginning of a panic, which means that the situation is only going to get worse from here.


As always, true to form, gold is the only one that is really growing. So maybe focus your attention on the precious metal today.


Here are the main shifts:


Topix lost 2.9 percent.

Kospi decreased 2.3 percent.

Shanghai Composite declined 0.9 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong lost 2.2 percent.

S&P 500 futures dropped 1.4 percent.

Euro grew 0.9 percent - $1.1234.

Pound recovered 0.7 percent - $1.2956.

Yen grew 1.4 percent – 105.81 per dollar.

Canadian dollar dropped 0.1 - $1.3405.

Tesla slid 3.3 percent - $724.54.

Apple dropped 3.2 percent - $292.92.

Facebook decreased 3.4 percent – $185.1.

Amazon lost 2.6 percent – $1924.03 per share.

Google shed 4.8 percent - $1314.76.

WTI slipped 1.4 percent - $45.33 per barrel.

Brent lost 1.4 percent - $49.33 per barrel.

Gold increased 0.4 percent - $1679.54 per ounce.

Silver lost 0.1 percent - $17.4 per ounce.

Platinum dropped 0.4 percent – $863.55.

Palladium decreased 1.1 percent - $2508.3 per ounce.