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14.02 - do the markets love us today?



Today is world-wide holiday. Today we unite together to celebrate love and our loved ones. Today is Valentine’s Day. But. Do the markets love us today? Are we worthy of the love from the international indices and shares? That we can find out right now. After all, so far the week has not been treating us badly. Even with the situation in the world being far away from diffusing, we could still see growth and development in some of the major names. What can we see today?


Well, even though coronavirus is far away from peaking and seems to be developing and spreading at a regular pace for the virus of this type, traders still prefer to stay away from Asian markets. We can see growth in indices from the region today, that much is true, but European shares are growing much more today than their Asian counterparts even though European names are high risk right now as well.


USD, even though displays a lot of volatility right now, somehow performs very flat. There are extreme gains and falls, but somehow they manage to compensate each other. Surely, there is no way that changes like that have no influence on the currency market. And even though European shares are growing and attracting traders, that is more than we can say about EUR itself. A currency has been falling for several days in a row, signals about lack of risk hunger in currency traders.


American stock market has been doing just fine. After virus-imposed crisis hit giants like Apple and Tesla we thought that it would take months for them to recover from such hits. But it seems that we were wrong with TSLA shares already recovering higher than $800 per share point. Apple is also doing better even though there are still going to be huge supply problems for both of the conglomerates.


So, do you feel loved by the markets today?


Here are the main numbers for the end of the week:


Topix declined 0.6 percent.

Kospi added 0.5 percent.

Shanghai Composite increased 0.4 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong recovered 0.3 percent

S&P 500 futures added 0.1 percent.

Euro is by 0.4 percent weaker- $1.0845.

Pound recovered 0.5 percent - $1.3033.

Yen was flat – 109.79 per dollar.

Canadian dollar was a bit stringer against the greenback - $1.3251.

Tesla advanced 4.8 percent - $804.

Apple dropped 0.7 percent - $324.87.

Facebook advanced 1.3 percent – $213.14.

Amazon dropped 0.5 percent – $2149.87 per share.

Google lost 0.35 percent - $1513.39.

WTI was little changed - $51.5 per barrel.

Brent recovered 0.1 percent - $56.47 per barrel.

Gold wasn’t moved that much - $1576.32 per ounce.

Silver added 0.5 percent - $17.7 per ounce.

Platinum grew 0.8– $973.1.

Palladium surged 0.4 percent - $2435.75 per ounce.