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27.01 - concerns over coronavirus are only growing. Markets are uncertain.



If you are planning on active trading this week, then I would dive into some serious research right now. Why? Well, the answer is really quite simple – this week we are going to have to choose between the assets traded in New York and all of the American stock exchanges and those, traded in London, plagued by Brexit which is due to happen in the end of the week. And something tells me that Brexit is not going to be the only thing on our mind this week, so trading promises to be quite interesting for the next several days.


We are also getting more and more concerned about the situation in China where coronavirus ordeal is getting more and more serious, infecting and killing even more people over the weekend. There are confirmed cases of the virus in several countries of the world including Australia and France. Even though there already was a case of a woman getting all healthy after contracting the virus, concerns around the world are only growing.


Surely these fears are influencing trading just like the fact that Chinese markets are closed for Chinese New Year celebration. Shares and indices are sliding as fears grow. Oil is also losing per-barrel points with concerns and the situation getting more and more serious. We hope that all the world organization can come together and deal with the situation ASAP, as that is what they were created for.


In other news, euro is stable after a very messy two days in the end of last week. Pound traders seem to be very cautious, which can be evidenced by a sliding chart for GBP/USD couple. Gold is gaining as safe haven, taking silver higher with it. Yen, being one of the ‘infected’ currencies doesn’t really grow, being deemed too risky.


Euro is going to be volatile during the day.


Here are the main changes for now:


Topix decreased 1.6 percent.

Kospi lost 0.9 percent.

Shanghai Composite declined 2.75 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong recovered 0.15 percent

S&P 500 ticked lowed by 1 percent.

Euro added a little bit against the greenback - $1.1029.

Pound slid 0.1 percent - $1.3060.

Yen decreased 0.1 percent – 109.02 per dollar.

Canadian nudged a little lower - $1.316.

Tesla dropped 1.3 percent - $564.82.

Apple dropped 0.3 percent - $318.31.

Facebook decreased 0.8 percent – $217.94.

Amazon lost 1.2 percent - $1861.64 per share.

Google dropped 1.25 percent - $1466.17.

WTI declined 2.3 percent - $52.97 per barrel.

Brent is by 2.1 percent lower - $59.36 per barrel.

Gold added 0.5 percent - $1579.8 per ounce.

Silver grew 0.4 percent - $18.17 per ounce.

Platinum dropped 0.65 percent – $998.48

Palladium decreased 1.53 percent - $2389 per ounce.