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13.10 - markets are adjusting to the trade deal



Today, as the new week of trading begins, we are going to be able to enjoy US-China trade deal high but once again. It seems that no one forgot about the signing of the deal after all, you know, with all of the Iran-Iraq deal, it was easy to forget about the signing, but not if you are a US official. There is nothing changed in the position of the sides and as a result we can see that Asian markets are recovering pretty well today.


Asian segment of the market rose to the highest point in 19 months. Not bad, right? These new numbers are giving us hope that the situation is not lost and that there is a chance for us to see adequate relationship between Trump administration and US international trade partners.


In the meantime, while we have the possibility to focus on something else, there is a big chance that it is going to be a long time before we see oil prices surge like they did last week. We can find solace in the fact that there is not going to be a World War 3 and hope that it is going to be enough for everyone.


JPY is going to be a little bit slow today – there is a national holiday in Japan today, so the whole country is going to be resting and not trading, so low liquidity might be on the table. That is shame, because without the Japanese there, there is no one to stop USD from pushing on yen, just like it does with pound today. Overall, USD is feeling very good – the currency is growing, which means that crisis fir USD was averted.


Here are the main shifts for today:


Topix recovered 0.35 percent.

Kospi grew 1 percent.

Shanghai Composite increased 0.2 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong increased 0.9 percent

S&P 500 advanced 0.3 percent.

Dow Jones surged 0.7 percent.

Euro recovered 0.1 percent against the greenback - $1.1125.

Pound declined 0.1 percent - $1.3021.

Yen lost 0.1 percent – 109.63 per dollar.

Canadian dollar was flat - $1.3046.

Tesla decreased 0.7 percent - $478.15.

Apple grew 0.2 percent - $310.33.

Facebook lost 0.1 percent – $218.06.

Amazon declined 0.9 percent - $1883.16 per share.

Google advanced 0.65 percent - $1428.96.

WTI was barely moved - $59.15 per barrel.

Brent nudged a little bit higher - $65.04 per barrel.

Gold decreased 0.5 percent - $1554.98 per ounce.

Silver shed 0.45 percent - $18 per ounce.

Platinum lost 0.5 percent – $972.88.