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10.01 - how was your first week of trading?



And so the first trading week of the 20s decade came and went. Have we enjoyed it? Doubtful. Was it tough? Obviously. We were never expecting the kind of hits that we got. It is somewhat wonderful that we have managed to trade through a war conflict that serious and not drop the markets and all of the major asserts. Some instruments came out from all of the ordeal winners, like USD for example. But let’s hope that we never have to trade through anything like it ever again – simply too much risk for everyone.


So, what are the results of the week? Gold and other precious metals were growing as safe havens were needed, but as soon as the situation stabilized, they dropped with traders fleeing for currencies. The same can be said for oil, only there the growth was the consequence of supply shortage fears. Surely that is something to be afraid of, but both of the crudes have jumped pretty high and by a lot. That Is not within the scopes of regular behavior for oil.


USD had a rough week as well. Being one of the currencies of the conflict, it was natural that traders wouldn’t want to deal with, but being one of the safe havens currencies it was somewhat protected from the turbulence and sell offs. That was the reason for such a flat performance of USD this week.


Other currencies, like EUR and GBP have also been riding up and down like children at a playground. But here the situation wasn’t as idyllic. Euro has dropped pretty hard comparing to the beginning point of the week and the slide goes on and on. We are not sure what can stop it, but we hope that the slide is going to be reversed right in the beginning of the next week.


Here are the main changes for the end of the week:


Topix recovered 0.3 percent.

Kospi grew 0.7 percent.

Shanghai Composite dropped 0.2 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong increased 0.2 percent

S&P 500 advanced 0.3 percent.

Dow Jones surged 0.7 percent.

Euro lost 0.1 percent against the greenback - $1.1108.

Pound declined 0.2 percent - $1.3086.

Yen lost 0.3 percent – 109.57 per dollar.

Canadian dropped 0.2 percent - $1.3058.

Tesla decreased 2.2 percent - $481.34.

Apple grew 2.1 percent - $309.63.

Facebook grew 1.4 percent – $218.3.

Amazon added 0.5 percent - $1901.05 per share.

Google advanced 1 percent - $1419.79.

WTI decreased 0.2 percent - $59.45 per barrel.

Brent dropped 0.2 percent - $65.27 per barrel.

Gold decreased 0.4 percent - $1546.4 per ounce.

Silver shed 0.2 percent - $17.84 per ounce.

Platinum added 0.2 percent – $966.66.