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24.12 - Asian segment is feeling holidays coming in



Today is Christmas eve. This means that traders are going to leave their desks earlier and some of them are not going to come out to work at all today. We are officially too close to Christmas for everyone to care about the markets and trading. After all, the main holiday of the year is here and it is time to dedicate some to yourself and your family. Markets are going to take care of themselves.


But, while we are still here we can say that even the markets are starting to see this holiday cheer. But it is not necessarily good for us, for example main stocks and indices of Asia are dropping their value because of the slow-down. There is no interest in Asian segment of the market. After all, why should we care about the markets when we already know – trading deal is reached. What more do we need?


GBP seems to want to end the decade on a lower note. Well, if it doesn’t necessarily WANT to end the decade in such manner, it will certainly have to. After the Brexit deal was reached and voted for by the MPs, we hoped that GBP was going to start recovering and adding, just like after the elections. But this was not to happen. On the contrary – now that the deal is reached, everyone is anticipating the divorce and hits that the British economy is going to take.


The real winners are precious metals today. Surely, with euro and dollar lacking attention for the day we were certain to start looking at precious metals. And they really do feel and enjoy the attention. Silver is simply shining and surging whereas its counterparts in the segment are just growing, which is also very nice.


Here are the Christmas-eve shifts.


Topix dropped 0.1 percent.

Kospi decreased 0.6 percent.

Shanghai Composite added 0.4 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong decreased 0.15 percent

S&P 500 futures wasn’t moved much.

Dow Jones grew 0.3 percent.

Euro as flat - $1.1086.

Pound dropped 0.55 percent - $1.2943.

Yen was flat – 109.4 per dollar.

Canadian was barely changed - $1.3156.

Tesla added 3.4 percent - $419.22.

Apple recovered 1.6 percent - $284.

Facebook lost 0.1 percent – $206.18.

Amazon grew 0.4 percent - $1793 per share.

Google dropped 0.1 percent - $1348.84.

WTI didn’t really move that much - $60.58 per barrel.

Brent grew 0.1 percent - $66.54 per barrel.

Gold grew 0.4 percent - $1491 per ounce.

Silver increased 1.1 percent - $17.61 per ounce.

Platinum added 0.5 percent – $938.33.