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17.12 - trade deal between USA and China is really reached.



Today out faith in the fact that the trade deal between the USA and China is done is only getting stronger as more US official as one confirm – phase one is finished and is over with. Plus, it was pretty successfully done too with USA exports to China doubling in volume. Which means that the trade partnership between the countries is going to get much stronger from now on.  


This, of course, becomes the reason for boom at American market. Wall Street, expecting more of the productions and services needed to service this expanding market started to grow and some of the names have reached an all-time high with hype like that. For example, Tesla stock has grown to the best point ever. Apple and other major names are adding the value as well.


This momentum, of course, was successfully utilized by Chinese and Asian markets as well. Growth there brings real hope to the future of trading in the region as the major chares and indices have reached the highest point in 8 months. This is one of the best pieces of news in recent time.


On the other side of the ocean we have UK, where after-election haze is falling down and where we start seeing – no-deal Brexit is now very much our reality and a possibility and we have to be very mindful of the possibility of it. And, of course, those who understood that are now selling GBP/USD like crazy. A move that is resulting in a very serious slide for the British national currency. The fall follows one of the best surges for GBP ever.


Commodities are a disappointment today. Even though precious metals are growing, their growth is not enough for successful trading. Oil is still in the markets with the attention of traders shifting more towards currencies.


Here are the main changes for today:


Topix grew 0.5 percent.

Kospi added 1.1 percent.

Shanghai Composite grew 1.3 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong increased 1 percent

S&P 500 futures was barely moved.

Euro grew 0.1 percent - $1.1147.

Pound dropped 0.8 percent - $1.3281.

Yen decreased 0.1 percent – 109.54 per dollar.

Canadian dollar was flat - $1.3163.

Tesla recovered 6.45 percent - $381.5 – a close of all time high for the stock.

Apple added 1.7 percent - $279.86.

Facebook grew 2 percent – $197.92.

Amazon added 0.5 percent - $1769.21 per share.

Google surged 1 percent - $1630.7.

WTI is still - $60.19 per barrel.

Brent wasn’t change much as well - $65.34 per barrel.

Gold grew 0.1 percent - $1477.56 per ounce.

Silver grew 0.2 percent - $17.06 per ounce.

Platinum advanced 0.4 percent – $933.18.