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9.12 - enjoy the calm day today



Markets today are at a crossroads – today is unusually calm and unusually event-less for all of the major assets. It has been a very long time since we saw the beginning of the week as empty as it is today. And it might be good. It might give us the head start on the week. we can prepare for the coming events for EUR and GBP. Maybe even get a little breather with the trade war, as the news today are empty – no way to tell what will happen in the nearest future.


Yes, a day this empty is giving us a pretty unique possibility to think about the state of the markets and of the future of trading. The only instruments that are changing today are from American stock markets. There we can see movement so desired by us in the currency market. But, alas! The only couple today that is showing some movement is GBP/USD.


It is predicted that this week GBP can win over USD on the boost given to the pound by UK general elections that are going to take place this Thursday. Elections are going to bring us political stability as well as give us some answer on Brexit – is there going to be another vote? Will Johnson’s party win? What will happen next for us? Well, of these answers are going to come to us pretty soon. And surely enough, we are going to really look forward to them.


And we can look for activity in stocks today. American stock market is our savior today. There we can see growth for all of the major participants. And this can be because there is no trade war talk – traders and investors are feeling free to invest in whatever they like without the fear of trade war getting to it. And of course, American stock market is subject to this thinking as well.


Here are the main shifts for today:


Topix added 0.4 percent.

Kospi recovered 0.3 percent.

Shanghai Composite declined 0.1 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong lost 0.1 percent.

S&P 500 futures lost 0.2 percent.

Euro was barely moved - $1.1059.

Pound added 0.1 percent - $1.3145.

Yen wasn’t changed much – 108.58 per dollar.

Canadian dollar was barely changed - $1.3256.

Tesla increased 1.7 percent - $335.89.

Apple grew 1.9 percent - $270.71.

Facebook added 0.85 percent – $201.05.

Amazon grew 0.6 percent - $1751.6 per share.

Google grew 0.9 percent - $1339.39.

WTI decreased by 0.4 percent - $58.87 per barrel.

Brent lost 0.3 percent - $64.14 per barrel.

Gold wasn’t moved much - $1460.6 per ounce.

Silver added 0.2 percent - $16.57 per ounce.

Platinum dropped 0.2 percent – $892.76.