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28.11 - Apple find themselves in a very delicate situation

29.11.2019 APPL


Today we are filled with hope and expectations. And not only because today is the last day of activity for American traders and American markets for the week, no, but also because we might get a pleasant Christmas present after all – Trump said that trade agreement between USA and China is somewhere near us. And of course, this statement couldn’t help but add trade optimism to the Asian segment of the market.


Negotiations are still ongoing and we are going to have to wait for the deal a little bit more, but the fact that even Trump says that the deal is near says a lot about the progress made by the two sides of the talks.


Although today is the last day of trading for American stock market for the week, it is not a lucky one, for sure. We can see that the major names are mostly in the red zone and even Apple is losing per-share price, which is really out of character for the recent performance of this stock. Facebook and Tesla are following Apple lower and Google and Amazon are enjoying the extension of the growth for today.


Oil is slipping. It is evident that yesterday’s momentum was not enough for the crude to keep up with traders’ demand for the surge and today oil is falling lower with interest to it somewhat lost on us. Precious metals are also dropping today.


Currencies are displaying mixed performance, but the behavior of every single one of them points to one thing – USD is climbing higher right now. But, once again, knowing that this is the last day of activity for the American market, we have to trade through this dollar’s surge and see what is going to happen tomorrow.


Here are the main changes for today:


Topix recovered 0.3 percent.

Kospi added 0.3 percent.

Shanghai Composite lost 0.2 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong dropped 0.1 percent.

S&P 500 futures was barely changed.

Euro dropped 0.1 percent - $1.1008.

Pound lost 0.4 percent - $1.2842.

Yen lost 0.2 percent – 109.14 per dollar.

Canadian dollar gained 0.2 percent - $1.3279.

Tesla lost 2.2 percent - $328.92.

Apple dropped 0.8 percent - $264.29.

Facebook declined 0.4 percent – $198.97.

Amazon added 1.3 percent - $1796.94 per share.

Google grew 0.5 percent - $1313.55.

WTI lost 0.1 percent - $58.26 per barrel.

Brent was barely moved - $64.13 per barrel.

Gold declined 0.1 percent - $1459 per ounce.

Silver is lighter by 0.2 percent - $17.01 per ounce.

Platinum dropped 0.5 percent – $903.59.