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22.11 - will trade war end after all?



There is a little bit of hope growing within us for the future of trade deal and trade war. After all, when the conflict arises and at least one side of it wants a peaceful resolution, that means that it is possible after all. And that is what we can see right now between USA and China. Chinese leader Xi says that after all he wants to end phase one of the trade talks and wants to sign a deal with USA. Of course it brings hope – that means that the Chinese are going to push for the deal and sooner or later Americans are going to budge.

This news has brought us recovery in the Asian segment of the market. A little one and not for all of the participants of it, but after several days of declines we are very glad to see green light. After all, recovery from the three-week low point is a big ordeal, especially for the country at ‘war’ with the USA.

Attention, attracted to China was bound to go from some other asset. And this time oil was the unlucky one. The price for the crude slipped from the two-month high point with statements coming out from China. Recovery and growth certainly attracts traders more than a possible surge of the assets. And that is why oil is losing to Asian segment today.

Today is also a very important day for both, euro and pound. And, as it happens, currency market is waiting for some shakes. After a while, seeing no reports and no news becomes exhausting and currencies standing still doesn’t give a sense of stability, but rather stagnation. But, we are going to escape this feeling today as EUR is going to see 7 reports, GBP and CAD 2 and USD 1 – all of the major currencies are going to be subjected to volatility. Are you not entertained?  

Here are the numbers for the end of the week:

Topix recovered 0.2 percent.

Kospi added 0.3 percent.

Shanghai Composite dropped 0.8 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong increased 0.2 percent.

S&P 500 futures grew 0.1 percent.

Euro dropped 0.1 percent - $1.1067.

Pound decreased 0.1 percent - $1.2916.

Yen declined 0.1 percent – 108.62 per dollar.

Canadian dollar increased 0.15 percent - $1.3285.

Tesla added 0.7 percent - $354.83.

Apple decreased 0.45 percent - $262.01.

Facebook grew 0.2 percent – $197.93.

Amazon declined 0.6 percent - $1743.71 per share.

Google lost 0.1 percent - $1300.14.

WTI shed 0.3 percent - $58.11 per barrel.

Brent lost 0.2 percent - $63.5 per barrel.

Gold added 0.2 percent - $1466.39 per ounce.

Silver recovered 0.2 percent - $17.12 per ounce.

Platinum lost 0.6 percent – $907.78.