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4.10 - USD is going to be the reason for our troubles today



Every week as Friday comes we want to count on easy trading and easy performance of our favorite assets. And every week reality fails our expectations. Today we see that we are going to be struggling with USD. American currency is going through a lot of shading with new tariffs having been announced yesterday. Plus, the fact that we are waiting for 4 important reports is not really helping the stability of USD.

Another volatile asset is oil. The crude is gaining today, but if we look at weekly performance, we are going to see that oil has slipped in per-barrel price. There are still fears that demand worries are going to be primary in oil trading and that is messing with our desire to buy oil. Plus, it is natural that we fear for our money when oil is in question.

Currencies have had the possibility to recover as USD is not exactly the example of the best performance and the best behavior. And it is natural that with American behavior this bad, traders are going to try and find something more stable to trade with and here pound and euro and hitting the spot, as it would seem. And it is interesting how not even turbulence in these regions can scare traders away from them.

American stock market managed to recover from the shock that was experienced by the major players yesterday. Hits that are taken by American economy are pretty big, so I would suggest following the performance of at least main names in the industry very carefully – they might display future changes early on.

End of the week is not promising to be easy… again.

Here are the numbers for today:

Topix recovered 0.1 percent.

Kospi added 0.3 percent.

Shanghai Composite lost 0.9 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong dropped 0.6 percent.

S&P 500 futures surged was barely moved.

Euro added 0.1 percent against the greenback - $1.0968.

Yen surged 0.3 percent – 106.82 per dollar.

Pound added 0.4 percent - $1.234.

Canadian dollar lost 0.1 percent - $1.3332

Apple grew 0.85 percent - $220.82.

Facebook grew 2.7 percent – $179.38.

Amazon recovered 0.65 percent - $1724.42 per share.

Tesla lost as much as 4.15 percent - $233.03.

Google shares increased 1 percent - $1189.43.

WTI grew 0.55 percent - $52.74 per barrel.

Brent added 0.5 percent - $57.99 per barrel.

Gold is not that much changed - $1513.4 per ounce.

Silver dropped another 0.3 percent - $17.62 per ounce.

Platinum declined 0.5 percent – $883.88.