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30.09 - will markets fail us this week?



Tensions are rising in the markets. We can see today that Asian and Chinese in particular shares are struggling for direction. This comes as a result of the information that American companies are thinking about removing Chinese companies from listings of American stock exchanges. Of course this can’t help but add tension to the relations between the two countries.

But of course, as usual, such decision also had a pretty strong influence on American shares and stocks themselves as NASDAQ dropped lower. Worries that tensions are going to escalate not even getting towards the trade talks are getting worse and worse. What is we never make it towards the talks indeed? That would be trouble.

Elsewhere prices for oil can’t find common ground. I mean, both of the major crudes are losing now, but earlier they were growing. Tensions in the middle East as well as the scandal in the USA are not making it any easier for us to trade with the crud but we have to push through these times to survive the situation.

Currencies are pretty sleepy as the trading for this week only begins. Dollar is obviously trying to grow, but whether its attempts are going to be successful, I can’t say. We need to look deeper and further into the political turmoil of the country in order to understand the future demand for the greenback. Euro and pound performances are of course dependent on what the greenback is going to show as well as on the economic data that are going to be published through the week.

It doesn’t seem like it is going to be easy to trade for the next 5 days, but we are going to have to push through it.

Here is what we deal with now.

Topix declined 1.2 percent.

Kospi added 0.7 percent.

Shanghai Composite lost 0.1 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong grew 0.6 percent.

S&P 500 futures surged 0.3 percent.

Dollar added 0.05 percent against the basket of six major currencies.

Euro is calm - $1.0935.

Yen grew 0.1 percent – 107.79 per dollar.

Pound recovered less than 0.05 percent - $1.2291.

Apple dropped 0.5 percent - $218.82.

Facebook lost 1.7 percent – $177.1.

Amazon lost 0.8 percent - $1725.45 per share.

Tesla decreased 0.2 percent - $242.13.

Google shares declined 1.3 percent - $1225.95.

WTI dropped 0.1 percent - $55.83 per barrel.

Brent lost 0.3 percent - $61.75 per barrel.

Gold lost 0.4 percent - $1500.3 per ounce.

Silver decreased 1 percent - $17.47 per ounce.

Platinum lost 0.1 percent – $930.09.