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20.08 - the world is waiting for the officials to clear out the situation



Almost all of Asian players are happily extending their performances from yesterday with more and more additions coming our way at this very moment. Asia is traded more openly and is on the rise even despite a very dire situation in Hong Kong – riots there have been ongoing for weeks now. Despite that trade optimism is walking across the planet and all the segments of the market which can’t help but bring us joy.

American stock market is also on the rise with all of the major players extending their gains. There is no way to tell whether the recovery is going to last for too long as we are still waiting for Friday to come but one thing is for sure – we need to enjoy and profit off of it right now before the growth is all over and we have nothing left to do.

Trump administration representative is also going to speak with investors this week. The topic is only one – possible recession? This is a piece of information that we are supposed to look for very carefully as the future of USD as well as world economy as a whole are dependent on this information. Will it being us joy or will is disappoint us? That remains to be seen.

Oil adds for the third trading day in a row. Could this be the moment to buy? Are we witnessing a great breakout? Well, one thing that we can’t be sure of is this. After all we have seen this before – several days of breakouts and after that a huge slide. It Is a possibility especially in our situation, but right now we can enjoy the climb with little retracements.

Precious metals are on the mixed side of trading today. After all USD hasn’t been providing them with the firmest of legs as of late – it is only natural that they are not going to grow.

Here are the main numbers for today:

Topix recovered 0.7 percent.

Kospi grew 1.1 percent.

Shanghai Composite wad flat.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong rose 0.1 percent.

S&P 500 futures grew 0.1 percent.

MSCI Asia pacific rose 0.4 percent.

Dollar lost a little bit of its position against the basket of six major currencies after having climbed 0.3 percent yesterday.

Euro costs $1.1088 after having added 0.1 percent.

Yen is at 106.56 per dollar point.

Apple is up by 1.9 percent - $210.35.

Facebook recovered 1.3 percent – $186.17.

Amazon grew 1.3 percent - $1816.12 per share.

Tesla is heavier by 3.1 percent - $226.83.

Google grew 1.8 percent - $1200.44.

WTI added 0.2 percent - $56.3 per barrel.

Brent grew 0.2 percent - $59.85 per barrel.

Gold dropped 0.3 percent - $1506.8 per ounce.

Silver lost 0.2 percent - $16.9 per ounce.

Platinum’s grew 0.2 percent – $853.35.