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15.08 - oil keeps on with losses



Stocks in Asian market resumed their drop after having gone through some growth yesterday. The effect from the American statement on the nearest future of the trade war didn’t last too long which is a shame at this point as we really hoped to see more of this growth in all of the segment of the market. Instead we got a very mixed performance set from everything.

American tech and social shares are not on the winning side today with all of them slipping from the points to which the crawled very persistently yesterday.

USD is not a winner either today. The problem and the reason for USD slide is the information that the country might be close to recession after all. Of course information like that can’t help but scare traders and investors off. In the end we could hope for the growth of other major currencies against the greenback but it seems that we are out of luck here as no major players are ready to grow thus providing us with very silenced performance for today.

Oil is extending its losses from yesterday. While we are too focused on trade war and the greenback we have neglected oil and the crude started to lose points. Also it has been a long time since we got at least some news about the future of oil and pricing policy. This has left us in the dark and we don’t really feel that safe in oil trading.

Precious metals reverse their performances and gain price unlike they did yesterday – weak dollar – all is according to the book.

Here are the main changes for today:

Topix lost 1.1 percent.

Kospi added 0.65 percent.

Shanghai Composite lost 0.6 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong rose 0.1 percent.

S&P 500 futures grew 0.2 percent.

Dollar lost 0.1 percent against the basket of six major currencies.

Euro costs $1.1147.

Yen grew is at 105.89 per dollar point.

Apple is down by 3 percent - $202.75.

Facebook dropped 4.6 percent – $179.71.

Amazon slipped 3.4 percent - $1762.96 per share.

Tesla is lighter by 6.5 percent - $219.62.

Google slid 2.7 percent - $1164.25

WTI dropped 0.4 percent - $54.99 per barrel.

Brent decreased 0.6 percent - $59.12 per barrel.

Gold added 0.3 percent - $1530.2 per ounce.

Silver grew 0.1 percent - $17.3 per ounce.

Platinum’s increased 0.1 percent – $846.32.