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12.08 - trading looks very mixed and uncertain



The start of the new week is marked with a lot of changes on the world economic tendencies. There are changes in Asian markets – additions to the major players mostly. Of course it is hard to say whether the growth is going to win or whether we are going to keep on seeing the performance in the Asian markets mixed. Of course we are hoping that the fears of trade war development are going to die out during the week and we are going to see more of the much-needed growth. But, unfortunately, that is not up to us here.

Changes in currencies are also marking our trading today. Euro although has been growing for the last several days, it is likely that we are going to start seeing the declines in the performance of the unifies European currency. After all we are now getting a little slower and a little more cautious about trading the most popular currency couple in the markets – EUR/USD. The only thing we can put our hopes into is the fact that there are no signs that USD is going to experience rapid gains. But that is up for debated at this point.

For the really disappointing part we have American tech and social shares. The major players are experiencing pretty strong losses as we need them to grow. Reasons for the declines? Probably uncertainty in the future of American economy as well as global economy as a whole.

Commodities are also not something that can bring us joy right now. Oil and precious metals alike are slipping with their price lower and lower. And even though gold was a real joy getting higher than $1500 per ounce point there is no guarantee that it is not going to start losing points soon enough. It has already started after all.

All and all trading looks very mixed and mostly red at the beginning of the new week.

Here are the main numbers for today:

Topix grew 0.35 percent.

Kospi recovered 0.4 percent.

Shanghai Composite advanced 0.7 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong dropped 0.1 percent.

S&P 500 futures added 0.2 percent.

MSCI Asia Pacific was barely changed.

Dollar barely moved against the basket of six major currencies.

Euro costs $1.1207 – up 0.1 percent.

Yen added 0.2 percent – 105.47 per dollar.

Apple slipped 0.8 percent - $200.99.

Facebook lost 1.2 percent – $187.85.

Amazon slipped 1.4 percent - $1807.58 per share.

Tesla decreased 1.4 percent - $235.01.

Google lost 1.4 percent - $1188.9.

WTI dropped 0.3 percent - $54.32 per barrel.

Brent decreased 0.2 percent - $58.4 per barrel.

Gold decreased 0.05 percent - $1507.7 per ounce.

Silver dropped 0.2 percent - $16.9 per ounce.

Platinum’s decreased 0.1 percent – $859.76.